Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)9


Sep 2019




Tehran, Iran



The Vivid Stage Conference

The Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3) Conference was held on Shahrivar 22, 1398 (September 13, 2019). It was a dual-purpose conference and the first part included tutorials of Enscape, Revit, Architectural Animation in 3dsMax and VRay, and Post Production in After Effect. In the second part, we had the finale of Vivid Stage competition where the winners were announced.

Live Final of Vivid Stage in front of 750 audiences

Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)

The Vivid Stage competition began with a call for contest and more than 500 people announced their readiness to compete. After an evaluation among them, 32 people selected to compete in three stages. Subjects of the competition were different at every stage. The subject of the first stage was about architectural close-up rendering in this stage the compete in 16 group of 2 people and from each group, one people went to next round (just like sports playoffs), the second stage about architectural interior rendering which we had 8 group of 2 people and only 8 went to next round. The third stage was about exterior architecture rendering. After third stage, only 4 of the 32 rivals stayed in the competition, and finally these four rivals competed in a live event on the day of the conference in a 750-person hall, and eventually, the winner was announced.

Live Final of Vivid Stage in front of 750 audiences


At 14:00 the doors of the hall were opened for the registration and delivery of gifts. A large crowd of people welcomed this event.

Registration Line

At the beginning of the conference, the Visual Studio and staff were introduced.

Vivid Visual Team

Mehrdad Azizi presented the first topic about the Revit and Enscape.

Mehrdad Azizi Presentation

In the next section, we had a small talk with some of the participants of the Vivid Stage competition and asked them their comments about the contest.

some of 32 participants of Vivid Stage

Then, Yones Bana discussed some topics in architectural animation in 3dsmax.

Yones Bana presentation

The first part of the conference finished and after that we had a 30-minute break which included serving snacks, having conversations, taking photographs, sharing ideas about VR experience and sales of educational products.

Break Time

Following the training topic, Mohammadreza Mohseni came on stage to give an overview of animation rendering and post-production in After Effect.

Mohammadreza Mohseni presentation

At this point, the training session of the conference terminated and the exciting part of the conference, the announcement of the top contestants of the competition, begun. In this part, four finalists were working on the project and they were eventually judged by Morteza Adib (PHD), one of the prominent architects of Iran.

Top 4 Vivid Stage finalist (They compete live in the conference)

Yones Bana & Morteza Adib (Architect - PHD)

According to Morteza Adib (PHD), the top competitors were as followed:

1st place

Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)

Majid Kermani

2nd place

Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)

Arzhang Sahabi

3rd place

Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)

Sheida Bahman

4th place

Vivid Stage (Vivid Award 3)

Pejman Malekian



Yones Bana

Vivid Visual Co-Founder

Talked about animation and different camera movements using 3dsMax in this Conference


Mohammadreza Mohseni

Vivid Visual Co-Founder

Talked about V-Ray Next setting for animation and Animation post production in After Effects in this Conference


Mehrdad Azizi

Vivid Visual Tutor

Talked about Enscape interior real-time presentation using Revit in this Conference

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